Article 1 - Name

The name is the European Senior Ladies’ Golf Association, hereafter referred to as ESLGA. It is a non-profit making association and the Swiss Law will be adopted. The registered Head Office is located in Switzerland. It may be transferred to any other place in Europe by decision of the Committee.

Article 2 - Object

The object of the ESLGA is to promote and facilitate golf and friendly relations between its members. It will for this purpose provide information on International Senior Ladies’ Championships/Tournaments in Europe.

Article 3 - Members

  1. Members of the ESLGA are limited to National European Associations of Amateur Senior Lady golfers and eventually, after special agreement by the Committee and General Meeting, Associations covering the same territory as a Golf Federation, member of the European Golf Association (EGA); Members must be acknowledged by their National Golf Association as the association, representing senior ladies’ golf in their country.
  2. Senior lady golfers are amateur players of 50 years and above;
  3. The Committee shall examine applications for membership addressed to the General Secretary and shall submit them to the General Meeting for decision;
  4. The resignation of a member must be addressed to the President in writing;
  5. Members of the ESLGA shall pay an annual contribution, the amount of which shall be fixed by the Committee and submit to the General Meeting for decision;
  6. The members of the ESLGA commit to host the Marisa Sgaravatti Trophy and Masters Team Championship on their golf courses and to participate in it. The ladies participating in a Marisa Sgaravatti Trophy must be 50 years of age or older in the year of the tournament and their handicap index must be between 5,0 and 16,0 ( WHS ).
  7. The ladies participating in a Masters Team Championship must be 65 years of age or older in the year of the championship and their handicap index must not be higher than 14,0 ( WHS).
  8. All championships and tournaments are team competitions and are played scratch.

Article 4 - Rules

In ESLGA competitions the Rules of Golf of the R & A Rules Limited apply.

Article 5 - Structure

The Association is constituted by:

  •       The General Meeting
  •       The Committee

Article 6 - General Meeting (GM)

  1. The General Meeting shall meet once a year
  2. The notice of the meeting and the agenda shall be sent out at least 14 days before the date of the meeting;
  3. Each member of the ESLGA is entitled to one vote. Each member of the ESLGA nominates its representative.
  4. The General Meeting:   
    - elects the members of the Committee 
    - decides on applications of membership, 
    - approves the accounts, presented by the Committee and decides on any exclusion of members, 
    - determines the general policy of the ESLGA
  5. Decision shall be taken by simple majority of members present without a quorum being required. Each member has a delegate at the General Meeting, voting by proxy is not permitted.

Article 7 - Committee

  1. The Committee consists of minimum three members elected for three years;
  2. Members are elected in a personal capacity by secret ballot and by a majority present at the General Meeting. Voting by proxy is not permitted. Candidates must deposit their candidacy with the General Secretary before the end of the year preceding the General Meeting;
  3. Retiring members are eligible for re-election max two times. In case of death or resignation of one of its members, the Committee can co-opt a new member for the period left of the mandate becoming vacant. This nomination must be proposed for agreement at the next General Meeting;
  4. The Committee shall appoint its President, Vice-President / Treasurer and Secretary General. The Committee shall exercise their functions on a voluntary basis;
    4.1  The Committee shall convene the General Meeting during the Marisa Sgaravatti Trophy;
    4.2  The Committee shall be responsible for the management of the ESLGA and may delegate to its members any power and task it deems appropriate;
    4.3  The President has all powers to represent and commit the ESLGA in relation to third parties;
    4.4  The Committee shall adopt its rules of procedure;
    4.5  The Committee shall meet when convened by its President;
    4.6  If necessary, Committee decisions shall be taken by a majority of the members present.

Article 8 - Sporting rules

Sporting Rules shall be drawn up by the Committee and proposed to the General Meeting.

Article 9 - Financial provisions

The ESLGA finances are made up of the annual contributions of all members and of potential sponsors. The membership fee is fixed every year by the Committee and proposed for agreement to the General Meeting. The treasurer shall present an annual report and the budget for the following financial year to the General Meeting for approval. The financial year is the calendar year.

Article 10 - Amendments of the statutes

The statutes may be amended by the General Meeting. Amendments must be entered on the agenda of the General Meeting, which shall decide by majority of three-quarters of the members present.

Aritcle 11 - Dissolution

The dissolution of the ESLGA may be decided by the General Meeting with at least three-quarters of the votes present. Any assets remaining after liquidation shall be assigned to sports purposes.

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