History of the ESLGA

The European Team Championships for Senior Ladies were historically organized by ESWGA, the European Senior Women’s Golf Association.


In 1981 Marisa Sgaravatti, an Italian Marchioness, started to create tournaments between three countries in Europe. She loved the game of golf, and she played in numerous competitions all over Europe. It was thanks to her that the first Female Senior European tournament took place.


In 1984 Anne Bouton, France, suggested starting a European Team Tournament. The ESWGA was born. The same organization, ESWGA, has organized this competition every year since.


In 2006 the European Senior Team Championship was accepted by the EGA thanks to Anne Bouton with the help of Johnny Storjohann, former General Secretary of the European Golf Association.




Since then, the EGA has taken care of the organisation of the European Senior Women's Team Championship, which the ESWGA organised from 1984-2005. From this time on ESLGA is organising the Marisa Sgaravatti Trophy and from 2014 on the Masters Team Championship.


Anne Bouton acted as president of the ESWGA from its foundation in 1984 until her resignation in 2009.


Since the ESWGA was never officially recognised, it was decided in the Delegates’ Meeting in Helsinki on July 17, 2012 to make the statutes for the association and official rules for the tournament.


At the same time it was decided to change the name of the organisation to ESLGA, European Senior Ladies’ Golf Association.


The ESLGA has its head office in Lausanne, Switzerland.