Dear ESLGA members,

Welcome to the website of the European Senior Ladies’ Golf Association.

Golf is one of the fastest growing sports in Europe and so is the senior Golf population!

The object of the ESLGA is to promote and facilitate golf and friendly relations between its members.

To implement this purpose the ESLGA:

– Provides information on international senior ladies’ championships in Europe

– Achieve and enhances communication between the European senior ladies’ golf associations and establish address lists of those associations.

– Provides an annual calendar of international senior ladies’ championships and tournaments in Europe and publish the results of these tournaments on its web pages.

– The ESLGA provides information for organizing the annual Marisa Sgaravatti Trophy and we can help the organizing country to carry out this tournament.

– The ESLGA intends to provide a Super Senior Championship from 2015, at the same date as the Marisa Sgaravatti Trophy.

We hope that communication between our member countries will become more and more active and that golf will bring us closer to each other.

Let us play golf in a sportive, competitive and friendly way!