General Meeting

The General Meeting is held annually and takes place during the Marisa Sgaravatti Trophy. All members are represented by its President or deputy and are supposed to attend the meeting.

ESLGA Committee

The ESLGA is administered by the ESLGA Committee. This Committee meets once a year during the Marisa Sgaravatti Trophy. More often, if needed. The members of the ESLGA Committee are appointed by the General Meeting. There is a President, a Vice president / Treasurer and a Secretary General. Each member is chosen for three years with the possibility of re-election with a maximum of 9 years. The first four years are exceptional.

Besides the administration of the ESLGA and its final approval of Marisa Sgaravatti Trophy and Masters Team Championship, an important matter is to examine if a candidate of a new country complies with the membership criteria of ESLGA. The most important criteria are: The Senior Golfers Association must be acknowledged by the local National Golf Association and they should be capable to organize a Marisa Sgaravatti Trophy and a Masters Team Championship, which implicates the disposal of (an) excellent golf course(s) as well as sufficient qualified members to send in a team. On proposal of the ESLGA Committee, the General Meeting decides upon new memberships. Countries without a Senior Golfers Association can also be accepted by the ESLGA Committee, as long as the players are members of their National Golf Association.

Alessandra Zoboli, President – – retire / re-election 2023

Karin van Randwijk, Vice President, Treasurer – – retire / re-election 2024

Carol Franz, Secretary General –  /-retire / re-election 2023

Carol Franz, member Committee – – retire/ re-election 2023

Pavla Pribylova, member Committee – / – retire/ re- election 2024