Information and admission criteria for candidate members of the European Senior Ladies’ Golf Association

Conforming to its statutes the object of ESLGA, re-edited in 2013, is to promote and facilitate golf and friendly relations between its members. It will for this purpose collect information about  international tournaments, coordinate between them if possible and ensure that the annual Marisa Sgaravatti Trophy and Masters Team Championship will take place. The ESLGA will publish all available tournament information to their members and it will also promote International tournaments for senior ladies. Members are limited to National Senior Associations of Amateur golfers in Europe. Senior golfers are female amateur players of 50 years and above. The Senior Ladies Golf Association of each country must be acknowledged by their National Golf Association as an Association. Exceptions can be made by the Committee. The National Golf Association has to be a member of the European Golf Association.

The ESLGA Committee examines applications for membership addressed to the Secretary-General and shall submit them to the General Meeting for decision. Members pay an annual contribution, commencing from the year 2013 with a contribution of 180 euros, from 2023 on with a contribution of 250 euros.

The ESLGA is responsible to ensure that the annual Marisa Sgaravatti Trophy and Masters Team Championship will be played.

Criteria for new members

The criteria for new members basically requires the capability to organize and host a Marisa Sgaravatti Trophy and a Masters Team Championship. As the ESLGA language in force is English, sufficient knowledge of this language is required.

The request to become a member has to be sent to the Committee. The Committee will inform all the members by the President’s of the Associations. If the Committee has a doubt about a new membership it will be voted in the ESLGA General Meeting.

For further information please see the ESLGA website: or ask the ESLGA Secretary General,